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Weight-loss pills can help. So why don't more people use them? For all her struggles, though, Monna is the kind of person who is always ready to offer a helping hand. When I visited her, there were stacks of posters on her porch, printed for a fund-raiser she was organizing for her daughter’s high-school marching band. She raised money for her township’s volunteer fire brigade. She was the vice-president of her local union, one of the largest in the county, which represents school-bus drivers, clerical staff, custodians, and other non-certified workers. She’d been deeply involved in contract negotiations to try to hold on to their wages and health benefits in the face of cutbacks. Is a Gold Crown Right for Your Teeth? Life is complicated. Banking doesn't have to be. White dental filling: $149 Mercedes-Benz VansView Trick or Treat ... or Cavities? Store Managing Medications Annual average insurance paid: $1,165.05 Vol. 2 (2014) Quiz Background: The number of acute medical paediatric emergency admissions is rising. We undertook qualitative interviews with parents and clinicians to better understand what factors, other than the health status of the child, may influence decision making leading to emergency admission. Methods: Semi-structured interviews The hidden dark side of roadside assistance State Farm Insurance watch Prevent Distracted Driving Academy of Insurance Our home insurance checklist walks you through the ins and outs of buying home insurance — giving you confidence in your coverage.    Find Lowest Drug Prices Cincinnati Financial Corporation Knowledge Center Investments/Insurance: Not FDIC Insured • Not Bank Issued, Guaranteed or Underwritten • May Lose Value Balance Transfer Calculator What types of coverage are available? HBR Ascend Provider Search Meanwhile, the average American paid out-of-pocket dental expenses of $544 in 2013, according to a 2016 report from the American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute. Life footnote¹ What innovation looks like at a small, remote hospital States Licensed & Disclaimers Entertainment Freeway Insurance Reviews New Bern, NC Embed